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Electrolux ice maker not working

 Electrolux ice maker issues and questions.

Although Electrolux ice makers have had many problems in the past the last firmware revision has seemed to fix the large majority of the problems. This is the only ice maker on the market that has its own electronic control board. Over the past three or four years there have been up to 8 upgrade boards.

If your ice maker is not working start with removing the ice bucket. With a flash light look up and see if your ice mold is orange or silver in color. If it is orange you will need the new complete kit. The kit includes a new harvest mold, finger heater and a plastic sleve to install over the end of the ice mold. The last thing to check is your version of the firmware, you will have to pull the refrigerator out to view the board it is located on the top left rear. The kit also comes with the new 8.1 or higher version.

Need more help? Give us a call we would be happy to help get you ice maker up and running again.