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Dacor range F-1 Error code

Dacor range F-1 error code (Touchpads)

Do you have a Dacor cooking product giving you an F-1 Error code? The best possible situation for this issue is that it is happening all the time. As a service tech one of the most frustrating things with this problem is when it is only randomly happening, at this point its almost impossible to properly diagnose. Dacors F-1 error code is communication error from the ERC to the touch pad. There is an off chance the relay board could play a role but in 17 plus years its either come down to the ERC or the touch pad.

The proper way to diagnose the problem is to disconnect the ribbon connecting the touchpad and the ERC (clock assembly). Start by turning the breaker off to the appliance. Next disconnect the ribbon and turn the breaker back on. You may need to wait a couple of days to properly diagnose this issue. If the error code happens again in the next couple of days then you would know the problem exist in the ERC not the touch pad. If there is no error code then we would know the issue is with the touchpad.

Some of the older models these parts may not be available, but there are options. Most of the ERC clock control boards can be rebuilt. As for the touchpads it is possible to use other part numbers on some Models. We have also ordered a large quantity of these touchpads in the past and have them in stock. They are very expensive but worth every penny compared to replacing a 6-8 thousand dollar appliance.